India's MBA crisis- Why fresh graduates are not getting jobs?

The race is on for jobs.Each and every youth is working hard to make their mark.Take the case of the time( 1991) when LPG(Liberalization,Privatization and Globalization) policy was initiated.Companies were willing to pay the top dollar to this new youth of executives who were seen capable of putting business on fast track.Management became a sought after career for students and MBA the key to success in life.These three-letter acronym degree meant money as well as status.
And even those who managed to get into B or C grade business schools could remain assured to make their mark worldwide.

But no the degree is losing its prestige.In 2016-2017,more than half of MBAians could not get hired in campus interviews says data given by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).Only 47% among them were placed.The drop in placements for post-graduation diploma holders was even bigger at 12%.The numbers does not includes graduates from Indian Institutes of Managements(IIMs).There are almost 5,000 management institutions in India and about 2,00,000 students passed out in 2016-2017.
Why fresh graduates are not getting jobs?

The biggest problem associated with this scenario is outdated curriculum and low quality infrastructure.Only 7% of MBAians from Indian business schools got jobs immediately after the completion of their graduation excluding top 20 Indian business schools,says a repot given by ASSOCHAM.The report found lack of quality control and infrastructure,low-paying jobs through campus placement and poor faculty as the major reasons for this scenario.

Even engineering colleges face the same problem.McKiney's report says that just a quarter of engineers in India are employable.Aspiring Minds, an employability assessment firm says that 95% of the engineer can't code.

India's employment crisis is the biggest threat to the economy as most of the population is young.Government need to tackle this problem as soon as possible as private investment in India as low and job creation is slow.              
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