Was the Green Revolution Really Beneficial for the Indian Economy?

At independence, about 75% of the country's population was dependent on agriculture. Productivity in the agricultural sector was low because of the absence of required infrastructure. Hence Green revolution was passed as a hope to increase the productivity.

Advantages of Green Revolution

1.It increased the production of food grains resulting from the use of high yielding variety (HYV) seeds.
2.The spread of green revolution technology enabled India to achieve self-sufficiency in food grains.Hence no longer India had to be the mercy of America or any other nation for food grains.
3.The price of food grains declined relatively to other food items of consumption.Hence poor can sustain with only food grains like wheat,rice etc.
A plane sprinkling fertilizers
Courtesy-Charles O'Rear under PD-USGOV-USDA.
4.The green revolution enabled the government to procure sufficient amount of food grain to build a stock which could be used in times of food shortage.
5.The output of small farmer equaled the output of large farmers which was not possible earlier.Hence it helped to achieve equality.

Disadvantages of Green Revolution

1.The use if high yielding variety (HYV) seeds requires the use of fertilizer and pesticides in the correct quantities as well as regular water supply is needed.
 2.Financial resources are needed to purchase fertilizer and pesticides which could only be afforded by the rich and wealthy farmers.
3.The spread of green revolution was restricted to more affluent states such as Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and the use of high yielding variety (HYV) seeds primarily benefited the wheat and rice growing areas.This increased the regional disparities.
4.The benefits of subsidies and other benefits were only reaped by the rich and powerful farmers and there is nothing left for the poor ones to use.

5.The high yielding variety (HYV) crops were more prone to attack by pests and the small farmers who adopted this technology could lose everything in a pest attack.

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