New Rs 100 Notes to come by April 2018 says RBI

RBI had shocked the nation as it announces the launch of new Rs 100 notes after the launch of new Rs 50 and Rs 200 notes.The RBI,according to an report,is expected to start printing new designs of the currency notes around the end of this year.The RBI's report added that they will move to an new design for Rs 100 notes after it wraps up the printing of Rs 200 notes.
RBI regional office

Some banks have even asked the ATM companies to begin testing the Rs 200 note for re-calibration of the machines,though they have not got supplies of the new currency.Only last year,at the time of demonitisation,the banks were involved in re-calibration of ATM.
Introduction of new currency and design has been brought in consideration of various factors like ease of transaction for the common man, replacement of soiled banknotes, inflation and the need for combating counterfeiting, as per RBI.

RBI launched the bright yellow Rs 200 and fluorescent blue Rs 50 notes in August.

The new notes are likely to bear the same dimension and size to avoid the re-calibration of ATMs.Out of the four cassettes present in the ATM,only one will be used for dispensing Rs 100 notes in ATMs.

The Rs 50 notes had been loaded into ATMs but the exercise of pumping the Rs 200 notes in the system would take around six months.

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